Ronde van Vlaanderen

celineThe road to Oude Kwaremont surprises me. It appears to be a nasty uphill one. Typical, I really don’t remember that. The only thing I can remember is the fight going on right here, on this small winding road, to get in the right position. Two years ago girls literally bashed each other with their elbows, shoulders, and hips when these were the first cobbles we hit in Ronde van Vlaanderen for women.

Apparently, we also rode uphill. I really didn’t notice it back then. But now I’m already panting like an old horse and my wheels haven’t even touched one cobblestone yet. The moment we ride onto the cobbles, I feel my fingers. So sore. Every single phalanx is painful due to the shaking and bouncing on the cobbles we already left behind.

I toil and roil, but I’ve got the feeling my wheels will get stuck after every single cobble. My bike bounces around, my saddle hits my buttocks ceaselessly. Ouch. I reposition…


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