Getting lost

20140108-174328.jpgPlease don’t go up there, please don’t go up there… The words keep repeating themselves in my head as I glance at Mare de Deu del Mont, the longest and hardest climb in the Girona area. I did it once, last year, and with just a 25 on the back, it was pure torture. Now I’ve got a 27 on and I still don’t feel like riding up.

This time, it’s the guys I’m riding with who scare me. Going up there will mean 18 kilometres of hanging on for dear life and making sure I don’t get dropped. There’s only one rule if you want to ride with the guys – at least, that’s my one: never get dropped. Otherwise I’d never dare to join them again.

Today we’re a small group: Matt Brammeier, Daniel Martin, his dad Neil, David Millar, a strong Spanish amateur, Ricard. And me. Dan said we won’t go up Mare de Deu today because he found another road he wants to explore, but you never know with these guys.

We hit the bottom of the climb. The pace isn’t…


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