Racing through the streets of my youth

paasbultThe Ronde van Drenthe: I’ve never ridden this course over familiar ground. Saturday will be the first time.

Once the race starts, we’ll be rushing through Oosterhesselen at about 12:20 pm. If I look left over the flat land, I’ll already be able to see the church tower of Sleen in the distance.

We used to make it a game when we were kids, my brothers and I, in the back of our Volkswagen Jetta – who would see the tower first? Especially after summer holidays we peered eagerly, because seeing the tower again was extra special after such a long time. It meant we were back home. Within minutes we could grab our bikes, which always felt special after not riding for three long weeks.

The farm of the Heeling family at the left side of the road, the river Jongbloedvaart at the right side – where they for sure are already building the kindling for…


» Sarah said (8 Mar, 2013) :

Aw, Marijn, that’s lovely!

» Marianne said (8 Mar, 2013) :

Wat een geweldig verhaal, tot nu toe mijn favoriete Marijn-artikel!

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